A New Sponsor

March 21st, 2010 No Comments

Bear Swarm! would like to announce a new sponsor: Obsidian Portal. For those of you who haven’t heard us talk about it: Obsidian Portal is a role-playing game campaign management site. They offer a place to chronicle your campaigns by providing a wiki, blog, image hosting, character pages, and more. For a small fee you can get an upgraded “Ascendant Membership” that offers more features, more space, and no advertisements.

We’ve been a fan of Obsidian Portal since December ’07, well before Bear Swarm! even existed. When we were contracted for potential sponsorship there wasn’t even any discussion amongst the hosts about if this is something we’d want to help promote. We all agreed and a deal was hammered out.

Upon our return episode, #111, we will have a small plug for Obsidian Portal worked into the show similar to how we promote MetaGames and Ghoultown. While we don’t want to fill our show with commercials and adverts we do I want to help support the people and organizations that we are fans of. We promise that you’ll never see a sponsorship with something we don’t personally stand behind.

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