Game Master: Mike
Players : Rob, Matt, & Elder
Music : “Wrecking Ball” and “In Vain” by 137 found via Music.Podshow.Com
Sponsors : Meta-Games Unlimited
Bear Swarm is a member of Spooky Outhouse Productions.

3 Responses to “Actual Play – HotB 11/28/08 – Part 4”

Von Krieger

December 20th, 2008 - 9:51 pm

Listening to the third part now, but overall I have one comment I'd like to make:


It totally ruins the flow for the listeners and makes you guys sound like a bunch of unprofessional, disgusting louts.

Yes, I am well aware that firing off a loud, echoing expulsion of air from one's gut is a prime expression of manliness, but it doesn't belong in a podcast.


December 21st, 2008 - 6:25 am

You must not be aware of what Actual Plays are and how they are recorded.

First, their completely unedited. We don't listen through them and cut out all the little noises to make ourselves sound better for a couple reasons. Firstly being its five hours of, what we consider, bonus audio. These aren't our main episodes and are just supplements for our Reviews. Second, we produce Actual Plays to be more like sitting down with a gaming group and not like a scripted radio drama. And the last reason ties into how our Actual Plays are recorded.

We use an omni-direction microphone to pick-up EVERYTHING in the room. We don't have our own mics and we don't have the ability to NOT make noises into the microphone. A burp is going to pick up no matter where it is in the room, directed at the microphone or not. Sure, we COULD attempt to muffle the noise but that pulls us away from the ambiance of the game and back to paying attention to the fact that we are recording.

This is simply one of those cases of, we're not going to change this for our extra content. If you don't like an aspect of our Actual Plays, then you should likely just skip them. They are all going to be raw, unedited, Bear Swarm.

Von Krieger

December 22nd, 2008 - 12:55 am

I'm well aware that they wouldn't be edited, but I had no idea about the omnidirectional mics.

And also the blogging software seems to have eaten the winking smiley I put at the end to indicate that while it was a legitimate criticism, I was having fun with it.

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