Game Master: Rob
Players : Mike, Matt, Carl, and Ross
Intro Music
: “Haters” by Sore found on www.podsafeaudio.com
Transition Music : “Sore Spot” by Sore found on www.podsafeaudio.com
Outro Music : “Position” by Sore found on www.podsafeaudio.com
Sponsors : Meta-Games Unlimited

I apologize for the sound quality. We setup our “Omni-directional” microphone and started playing. Well, I stupidly trusted that everything would turn out fine and when I sat down to compile the episode I notices that Ross and Mike sound very very quiet. I looked into it and found out the microphone I picked up was only a Fixed Cardioid pattern. Since the cardioid was pointing at Carl and Matt, they picked up great (I setup a separate microphone for myself to ensure I was picked up).

I have since returned the fake omni-directional microphone and picked up a REAL omni-directional microphone. Next AP will be recorded with that and I’ll be a little more careful with testing to make sure everyone is picking up correctly. Again, my apologies for the poor quality. If it wasn’t for how comically hilarious this game was I’d just scrap this recording all together.

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