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What is Backstory Friday? Every Friday there will be a new article showcasing the backstory of characters past and present. Characters range from various settings, systems, players, and writing styles. The whole point is to share our creative works, and potentially the creative works of our listeners. Perhaps one of these characters will inspire other Players or Gamemasters, but primarily they are for entertainment. Enjoy.
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Backstory Title
Aaron Cash was only fourteen years old when his father died. His father wasn’t a terribly well liked guy so the funeral was small and quiet, mostly close family and not many friends. When Aaron and his mother made their way up to the front to pay their last respect to the deceased Aaron displayed his affection for his father in the only way he was ever taught. He spit on him. A gasp when up from those in attendance… everyone except his mother and Uncle Max.

After that things returned to normal, except with his mother picking up a second job to help support her and Aaron. She worked endlessly just to keep food on the table and rent paid. If it wasn’t the monthly visits from Uncle Max their lives would have surely fallen apart. Then while Aaron and his friends were out celebrating their high school graduation another tragedy struck Aaron, his mother passed away.

A home invasion, as the police told it. A single mother home alone while her son was out celebrating graduation with his friends. What a tragedy. At least that was what everyone told him at her funeral. For the second time in four years Aaron found himself walking up to a casket, spitting on the inhabitant, and listening to the shocked gasps. Gasps from everyone except Uncle Max.

Aaron then feel into gang life. It had always been there, just on the periphery. His friends were in gangs and they were always hounding him to join up. With no family, except for Uncle Max, he had no where else to turn. Aaron fell head-first into a hard-drinking and violent lifestyle. He lived that way for years, fighting and drinking and gang-banging with the best of them on the streets of LA. Oh, and there were still those monthly visits from Uncle Max.

Then he was shot, left to die.

Luckily Aaron was shot on the day of Uncle Max’s next visit, and Uncle Max embraced him in that dark alleyway as the last ounce of his life faded from him. Max had been grooming Aaron for the embrace for a while now, he had gotten permission a month back and was just waiting for the right time. In that alley, it was then or never and Max refused too let the Circle of the Crone rob him of his childe.

Over time Max taught Aaron the ways of the Kindred. He learned about the Clans, about the social hierarchy and about what he could do. He learned how to hunt and how to survive. He learned the truth about his parents and his childhood. He learned about what REALLY happened to his father and mother. He learned about what the Circle had done to him.

His father had made a pact with Uncle Max, once a month Max could come and feed upon his wife in exchange for financial stability. Financial stability that went mostly to feeding’ Aaron’s father’s alcoholism. The other part of the agreement was that if Uncle Max wanted to he could embrace Aaron. Aaron’s father agreed to these terms and that is what introduced Uncle Max into his life.

After his father’s death Aaron had read a suicide note his father had written before he’d jumped off the twenty-story rooftop of the apartment building where they lived. The note, at the time, didn’t make sense. It sounded nothing like his father. Now, with the full picture at his feet, he understood.

“The things I’ve done to my wife and my son are unforgivable. I know that. Nothing is waiting for me on the other side except for Hell, but maybe I can grant my family some mercy by ending their own torment early. The torment that was at my hands. It might sound hollow, but I’m sorry. I deserve much worse than this.”

His father’s death wasn’t suicide, it was murder. Uncle Max had came to visit once and caught Aaron’s father drunk and beating his wife. Max flew into a rage and drug Aaron’s father to the roof and threw him off. But a deal was a deal and he kept returning month after month to feed from Aaron’s mother and help look after Aaron.

His mother’s death was a home invasion, but not the kind he was lead to believe. Max had some serious enemies in the Circle of the Crone and they decided to take apart his food supply. Aaron’s mother was only one in a dozen casualties that night, as an indirect strike against Max. Except, like most things in Kindred society, things weren’t what they seemed.

Aaron’s own death was just another Circle strike against Max. After the loss of his herd, Max attacked a few members of the Circle. So in retaliation they had dropped some information into the right hands to get Aaron alone and put him in the sights of a rival gang. The Circle knew that Max requested to embrace Aaron and was granted permission. They intended to rob Max of his childe, but they failed.

By the time he was presented at Court, Aaron had been told he needed a new name. He knew he had to separate himself from what he’d been when he was human, and was progressing well on the way to fully accepting this new reality, his existence as a monster and a predator, when he saw his mother again.

The sight of her had thrown him immediately into Frenzy. Max had been the one to bring him down, all the while screaming at the Circle for bringing her here when they knew well and good that this was going to be Aaron’s introduction to society. It was just another strike against Max, trying to get his childe killed.

When he woke up weeks later, Max had tried to explain things to him. His mother had been a Circle secret. No one knew, not even Max, until that night. They had drug her out into the Fringes, outside of the Prince’s domain, and Embraced her. Then they brought her back in to cause Aaron to Frenzy in court, earning him Final Death. They had intended to kill her but things didn’t turn out how they planned.

When the Circle’s treachery was discovered the Prince ordered the Cult behind it outlawed. Prince Marsh said this rivalry had gone too far and that they were no longer welcome in Los Angeles. The members were exiled and their leader put to Final Death. Aaron’s mother was taken in by another Circle Cult and has become a Stormcrow, a Morrigan of the Circle. Oh, and she’s called Belladonna now.

Soon after, his Sire gave him the name Dispater. For whatever legal documents he needed from the mortal world he could keep his first name, but to Kindred he was just Dispater; Dis for short.

Since then, Max has been looking for something to keep his childe occupied; he recognizes that as much as he hates it, Dis needs some sort of structure to be productive. Max is more than capable of keeping Dis under control, but he’s of no particular use to him right now, as wild as he is.

Dis has spent several years on a fairly tight leash, rarely allowed in court away from his sire and meeting only a handful of other Kindred. Max’s patience is starting to run thin, however, and he’s decided that it’s time for Dis to start standing on his own and making himself useful.

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