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What is Backstory Friday? Every Friday there will be a new article showcasing the backstory of characters past and present. Characters range from various settings, systems, players, and writing styles. The whole point is to share our creative works, and potentially the creative works of our listeners. Perhaps one of these characters will inspire other Players or Gamemasters, but primarily they are for entertainment. Enjoy.
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Gage Kopper was born to a mid-class police family in Kansas City suburb to an abusive police officer father, a mother who had lost touch with reality by the time Gage was twelve and a mean older brother who was as abusive as his father. Gage learned quick how to take care of himself as no one else seemed to care to do so and it was with little surprise that at the age of near seventeen after having the crap beaten out of him one too many time that Gage ran away from home and never looked back.

Life on the streets was hard, even harder than his abusive home had been but Gage was determined to never return there and was willing to steal for his daily bread. Gage found other such minded youths who held up in a abandoned office building, they were not a gang or anything just kids trying to survive and live as they wished. Gage made it four months on the streets before he was forcefully removed from them after a ‘raid’ gone badly and he was left high and dry by his fellow thieves to be nabbed up by the police. When Gage’s father learned of this he came down visit Gage personally was allowed to talk to his son privately. During this talk Gage was beaten to the point of needed medical treatment but as always Gage’s police connections made sure that the incident was quickly forgotten and Gage was quietly sent off to youth lockup for nine months.

Those months in lockup helped to harden Gage and gave in a hatred for being locked up and a deep desire to never see him in such a place again. Gage knew that Kansas City would never be safe from his father reach and once out he would have to leave. On his day of release Gage step out of the prison to find his father waiting for him, expecting to take his son home but Gage had other plains and fought back as soon as his father walked up too him then while his father was still surprised by the punch across the face Gage bolted running like a wild animal for it’s life.

Gage had not only stood up to the man that had terrorized him his whole life but had taken to the wind leaving Kansas City heading south. Gage hitchhiked his way to down Arkansas and on into Texas, staling, barrowing, begging and taking all in the name of survival. During this time Gage spent as much as his time leaving under the stars in the rural areas as he did in urban areas learning how to survive on what little he could scrounge up. Gage learned to keep away from most that could detain or harm him as he silently wound his way further and further southward on his journey.

It would be in Phoenix that Gage’s life would take a turn that would help him to learn the skills that he so realizes on to survive even today. Gage on day was stealing some junk food from a truck when the owner walked up on Gage taking him by surprise after a short fight the owner a man named Eddie Roland handcuffed Gage to his passenger side door. Gage doesn’t even know to this day what caused Eddie to take him in but the bounty hunter took pity or a liking on him and took him on as an apprentice as such and Gage’s life changed from runaway to finder of runners.

Eddie would be Gage’s teacher and friend from the next eight years as Gage learned the ways of a hunter of men a job that he quickly took a likely too. During their time together Gage became a skilled hunter and capture of criminals of all types. Eddie and Gage walked that fine line between the hunters and criminals they hunted breaking laws as they saw fit to get the job done but a code Eddie did have and he passed in on down to Gage. The biggest rule was that you always keep innocents out of the job and the next was you before the job a dead hunter is nothing but useless grave filler.

Eddie had been known to take unofficial jobs from time to time and a few months after turning twenty six Gage and Eddie was offered a job to hunt down a man by the name of James Buford a old school biker who had crossed a business man in Chicago. It seemed that James ram with a gypsy type group that traveled the roads with no pattern and the only leads where several months old. Gage and Eddie hit the road looking for this James Buford hoping to find something that would lead them to their target.

It would not be until they had been on the road for three weeks seemingly always a month or more behind James and his crew that they would truly find their target’s trail when the stumbled onto a murder seen in a dive of a road side diner. The three victims found inside where all killed by hunting arrows and then gutted and skinned like animals the only reason that Eddie and Gage believed that is was James’ crew was that they left behind strange symbols, ones they had seen at one of the crew’s camp sites. It would not be for another five days before the two caught up with James and his crew but on that night it was Gage and Eddie who were being hunted.

Even today Gage can’t fully remember just what happened that night on the side of I75 but on that deserted stretch of highway Gage and Eddie came across James and his crew and in moment they became the hunted. Eddie didn’t make it long falling to men who acted more like wolves than humans and the only way that Gage survived was the fact that his fear had forced him to rely on pure animal instances and those action are what James saw and admired as he took Gage down like the prey he was but for his the valiant case he had given him and his kin James gifted Gage with the right to be a true hunter.

The next night when Gage awoke he was a Vampire the newest member of a coven of Circle of Crone Nomads and he was child to James Buford the leader of the Hunt a Gangrel who lead all hunts for the coven. Gage’s life would be that of pup learning at the wolf’s feet seeing the world with a hunter eye and truly seeing the nature of all things, man and beast. James was a demanding teacher but a fare one who expected much of Gage but allowed him to find his own way within bounds.

Life among the coven of eleven vampires, seven of which were sires, was a tight net community that moved from place to place that the whim took them. The coven was a new family to Gage one that he feared at first as the idea of a family of any kind scared him. Gage keep to the fringes of his coven not make any connection except with his sire but that was until three years later when a new child would come to the coven. Niki Kim came into the coven when she was embraced by a Deva vampire by the name of Alveran, Niki was the flower to Gage’s thorns and as the two you nest members of the coven they found comfort in one another.

Gage was compelled by Niki’s innocent looking face and an old code he had once held too was rekindled by her eyes. Being only nineteen at her embraced Niki was a breath of new spirit and many tried to advantage of her, but Gage ended up in more pack fights protecting her than for any other reason a fact that Niki would eventually come to recognize and even use to her advantage sparingly.

As all member of the coven you became a neonate at the age of thirteen and it was only a few months later a few days after the coven had arrived on the outskirts of L.A. that Gage would take a step into another chapter in his life practically without thought. It was during a feeding when on of the new children of the coven had stepped over his bounds and pushed Niki out of the way when Gage attacked him outside of the pack dispute circle. In the ensuing fight Gage attacked the upstart and sent him into torpor for his crimes Gage was banished. It was so some great surprise to Gage when the coven also banished Niki after declaring her a neonate for her part in the incident and the two were presented to the L.A. court as left behind by their coven to fend from themselves.

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