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Who is this character? Gaston is a goblin inventor from a never-ran World of Warcraft game.  Not much more needs to be said about the character, because he never made it off the cutting room floor.

The Life and Times of Gaston Fizzlesprocket
Gaston was born to Billo Fizzlesprocket and Darla Fizzlesprocket in the underground city of Undermine. Gaston is the latest in a long line of unsuccessful Fizzlesprocket inventors dating back to his great-great Grandfather Lardo Thundersprocket. Lardo was a decent inventor and ended his career in a bang shortly after the creation of the Exploding Swine. Lardo was in stiff competition with the creator of Exploding Sheep and managed to get his version out before the Sheeps ever hit the market. Unfortunitly, while Lardo was giving his speech about the wonders of Exploding Swine, the little bacon maker wondered over to Lardo.

After that, Lardo’s family was known as the Fizzlesprockets. So far, no one has managed to reclaim the old family name. Every first born male descendant has tried but ended up buying it with their own explosives. Still, Gaston is sure he’s the one to break the Fizzlesprocket Curse and reclaim the family name. This is all, of course, much to the displeasure of his wife.

Kaylee Steamcleaver (she opted to not take Gaston’s Family name) met Gaston five years ago while they were working as apprentices in neighboring shops. Gaston was quickly learning the trade of firearms creation while Kaylee sat in the window next door learning the more delicate art of weapon smithing. Kaylee’s family history is a bit different then that of Gaston’s. Her father was a great Mercenary captain before his retirement. Their family line traces back, or at least they claim, to the first inventors of Steam Armor. All the men in Kaylee’s family were brave warriors and thats what lead her to her initial attraction to Gaston. Gaston was different, a bit of a dreamer and joker, he didn’t have the commanding military presence she was used to.

Gaston and Kaylee were married four years ago under the condition that Gaston would go out and reclaim the family name. Like all agreements between husbands and wives, when Gaston decided to pack his gear and head out with some new acquaintances, Kaylee pitched a fit. She’s calmed down since then, but she’s still not happy that Gaston isn’t home with her. When Gaston left to adventure Kaylee moved to Booty Bay.

Shortly after Gastion left Undermine he discovered another passion. While sitting in at the bar after a long hard day of explosions, he over heard some Dwarves talking about the Holy Light and Religion. They were speculating upon where they all came from and what the meaning of it all is. Gaston intruded on their conversation and found out that these Dwarves, while believing in the Tenants of the Light, were more interested in their past and their ancestor’s faith then they were their own personal faith. This has got Gaston to think about his race’s past, something thats not common among goblins.

Shortly after that Gaston teamed up with the pontificating Dwarves, Longdale and Tarl, and traveled with them. As they set out one day from Booty Bay (after Gaston barely escaped his wife’s grasp) Longdale and Tarl decided to go hunting for Silverback Gorillas. They managed to track one until they found a nice ambush spot but during the battle, more gorillas came running to their comrades aid. Tarl looked back to Gaston, who has been observing from the rear of combat, and told him to run while they held off the gorilla swarm.

Gaston began running back to Booty Bay and at the nearby crossroads ran into a large bear pulling a cart and a knightly human approaching from the other direction. Gaston ran up to the duo and demanded to know if they were in cahoots with the gorillas. The bear seemed confused until he saw the gorillas charging down the path. Gaston jumped into the bears cart and the trio made haste back to Booty Bay.

That was a month ago and since then the trio has been spending time in Booty Bay getting to know each other. They have decided to set out for fun and adventure together but Gaston’s wife has been providing a bit of a hurdle.

Gaston has a few interesting personality quirks too. He has a fond love of creating prank devices, especially for firearms. Blunderbusses that shoot confetti or humorous sounding Baffles aren’t above Gaston’s classy sense of humor. Gaston is also known for his odd choice in vocabulary. He claims to invent everything and has odd definitions of other words. For example, when it comes to the word “made” or “being made” he thinks of it as someone who’s rich or has money. This can be bothersome as he will stalwartly defend his invention of common items, like boots or bread.

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March 24th, 2009 - 10:24 pm

I believe goblins as a race are only 2/3 as interesting as a normal race, such as elves or dwarves, whereas gnomes are a little more than 1/3. Put them together (call em gnoblins or something) and you get a race that is actually interesting. This is what Blizzard did, except they forgot to kill off the gnomes.

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