What is Backstory Friday? Every Friday there will be a new article showcasing the backstory of characters past and present. Characters range from various settings, systems, players, and writing styles. The whole point is to share our creative works, and potentially the creative works of our listeners. Perhaps one of these characters will inspire other Players or Gamemasters, but primarily they are for entertainment. Enjoy.
Who all can submit backstories? Anyone! Listeners, Fans, Hosts,  YOU! Just shoot any off to Backstory@BearSwarm.com
Who is this character? Kor’ell is an evil Minotaur for a very short lived Dungeons and Dragons 4th Edition game. His backstory is written in the first person, using simple language. Its a short tale intentionally, its written to be as if Kor’ell himself is telling it over a campfire… likely eating the flesh of his enemies.

Backstory Title
Was born in the Talin’uk Plains, parents died in flames and adopted by our Shak’tar (Village ElderShaman) in the name of Baphomet. Trained to become next Shak’tar after Father passes, ten years later fulfilled training. Father told of Baphomet’s master, Tharizdun. Chained God. Destined to raise hoard, release God, lead his Armies, burn the world. Father moves away, left in charge. Many years oversaw village troubles while Zar’teil (War Chieftain) ransacked lands near-by. Lived for twenty more years, continue worshiping Tharizdun with Father while study combat with Zar’teil. Learn to fight enemies, learn to lead my tribe’s hoard, learn to serve Tharizdun.

Zar’teil passes before Father, take up mantle. Better Zar’teil then Shak’tar, village becomes militant, becoming nomadic. Humans. Humans burn village. Warriors fall under Human blades, Father rescues me. Height of battle, Father calls Divine Light to guide away from battle. Village burns at Human hands. Father secrets away to caves. Father tells to find new hoard, break Tharizdun’s Chains, lead Demon Army. Leave village, swear vengeance on Humans. Travel South.

Prayed for sign from Tharizdun. Found Gnolls hunting. Approaching to recruit, one possessed by Tharizdun’s Will. Swirl of Tharizdun glowing on brow. After slaughter, talked to only standing Gnoll. Told Valk Bloodpaw of brilliant battle, followed back to village. Valk cast out. Told Valk of Tharizdun’s Will, not of possession but of Breaking Chains. Valk joined in quest, traveled west.

Days grow long, nights short. Roads grow traveled, look for ruins. Find abandoned mill, go to stay for nights. Wounded Bugbear laying on floor, move to slaughter when shielded by Book with Swirl on cover. Book of Tharizdun. Show mercy to fellow devotee. Talk of Tharizdun, compare notes. Karthis well studied in teaching of Tharizdun, agrees to join quest. Wait to regain full health. Travel North.

Find village to plunder, burn, raid. Plan attack, wait for nightfall. Charge town, everyone already slaughtered. Swirls carved in bodies. Work of Tharizdun. Search town. Find nothing. Travel East.

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