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The explosion was glorious.

Malcolm watched from a hilltop several miles away, listening via radio to the panicked voices of blast organizers as they scrambled to find out what had happened. He turned the radio off, dropped it to the ground, and walked away.

Getting back to the States from Somalia would have ordinarily been difficult, especially for a man who was now missing and presumed dead, but his new employer had already made all of the arrangements. Malcolm calmly strolled down the hill and climbed into a military-style Jeep, motioning to the driver that he was ready to go. As the vehicle lurched into motion, Malcolm slid a pair of stylish and expensive sunglasses over his eyes and smiled. Cal laughed from the back of the Jeep and started in with some brotherly ribbing over what he called Malcolm’s “flair for the dramatic.”

Malcolm had sort of fallen into his job designing foreign bases and camps for the United States government, but in retrospect he’d consider it to be the first step taken on the path to his own ascension. It would be there that he’d really honed his skills as a tactical planner and organizer. It would be there that he’d have access to information and plans that many high-ranking Pentagon officials would have had trouble getting their hands on. It would be there that he’d meet Cal, who would become his closest friend and eventually his Brother. It would be there that he’d sell information to Dominick Le’Salle, who would Embrace he and his Brother.

When he’d first met Dominick, it had been under the auspices of selling the man highly-sensitive information regarding several US military bases that his company had been contracted to plan and build. Cal had set the meeting up and was there to act as intermediary, in case of any disputes. There weren’t any; in fact, Malcolm and Dominick seemed to get along well. Malcolm thought the man was cultured and refined and polite, with a European flair and accent that he couldn’t quite place. And he was obviously rich, or at least represented someone who was, since he’d not balked at paying Malcolm a six-figure sum for the information he had.

Cal congratulated Malcolm on his new found source of high wealth, and the two went out for the most expensive steaks and beer that they could find. Cal had already sold a fair amount of information to Dominick on his own, so this was nothing new to him. He’d been the one to suggest to Malcolm, after his wife had reamed him particularly hard after their divorce, that there was a way for him to really make some money. The two had met at a conference for military contractors in the early 90’s and became fast friends. After his divorce and his first sale, Malcolm relocated to America’s west coast, both to get away from his shattered personal life in the United Kingdom and to be closer to his best friend.

If the two hadn’t been thick as thieves (literally) before, they certainly were now. Both had a healthy appetite for fine women, expensive food, and good drinks. For years they lead a wealthy lifestyle powered by their sale of confidential information to Dominick and whoever he represented, until Dominick offered the both of them permanent positions in the organization he represented. “A better life,” he’d told them, wearing a suit that cost more than the average person made in a year. “Power and influence and money. All I… all we ask is your loyalty.”

After discussing it, Malcolm and Cal had both agreed so long as Dominick kept the two of them close together. That had been six months ago. It had taken longer to coordinate their faked deaths than Malcolm had originally believed, but now it was done and they were going to really start living.

After meeting with them back in the States, Dominick had finally begun to tell them the truth: who he was, what he was, and what he was offering them. The two men were understandably skeptical, until Dominick spilled his blood into a cup and commanded each of them to drink.

They did, and it was as if they’d never really been alive before.

Over the course of four years, Dominick molded his two new ghouls into what he needed. Both were already intelligent and educated men with expensive tastes, but he put them through the best tactical and weapon training that money could (legally) buy. Both attended regular marksmanship training courses with an American company called Front Sight, and Dominick had them learn to defend themselves with knives and swords as well.

Cal had a better head for overarching strategy and planning, while Malcolm was better at tactics and execution. Finally, on the eve of the new millennium, Dominick gave both of them the Embrace, declaring them his Childer.

After acclimating to this new change in their existence, the two Kindred joined their Sire in Los Angeles, where he had been planning to set up for more than a decade. Preparations had already been made through various channels within the Invictus (not to mention their own extended family, who were eager to gain a foothold on the west coast), and their integration was relatively painless.

Since that time, Dominick has concentrated on solidifying his own power, both within the Invictus as well as the city as a whole. The two Brothers have been left more or less to their own devices, and have been exploring the city and its nightlife extensively. Neither misses an opportunity to be seen at Court, and both seem to be regarded by most of the Kindred of LA as young and ambitious neonates, likable enough despite the arrogance that is fairly common among their clan. Neither has taken the Vows of the Invictus, though both have expressed interest to their Sire.

Both have also been instructed by their Sire to seek admittance to the Scourge, though they were told to make certain that they did not run in the same Coterie within the fledgling organization. Though they readily shared information back and forth, Cal and Malcolm passed the trials independently of one another.

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