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Backstory Title
Martin Blake is a Irish born Nationalist, during the height of Provisional IRA, who latter fled the Ireland do to being hunted down for a car bombing. It was during this flight from the law that Blake would make his introduction into the world of the supernatural when he killed a ghoul of a wealthy Turkish vampire. Instead of killing the ghoul assassin the Kindred Kavo Shyna hired the lone gunman as a personal bodyguard and later turned Martin into a Ghoul himself. This arrangement lasted until 1974 when Kavo needed Martin for a certain task one that his Bloodline was bread for. So Blake was Embraced into the Azerattl Bloodline to once more become a servant killer but this time he was in the service of Kavo and not the people. After some basic training in the arts of this ancient Bloodline Blake was sent to America to hunt down and his target and complete his mission, but with the knowledge of the fact that with failure or success he could never return to Kavo’s side as Vampire hold on to vengeance as long as their Unlife.

His mission was to find and kill the Kindred Heather Ghattis who had betrayed Kavo in some way that was never reviled to Blake. Heather died when her haven was consumed by a fire do to a Truck and Trailer full of gasoline crashed into it and the exploded do to unknown reasons. With his mission complete Martin Blake was once more a free man and what dose a free man with a gun do, kill people for money. With no one or cause to fight for money and the need for something to do became Blake guiding light in the Unlife.

It would be during this time that Blake would find his way to the Carthian movement. At first it just seemed that Blake was just more willing to take contracts from them they seem like Kindred he would work with. This relationship would eventual develop into a connection that Blake felt he had found his new people’s movement and a cause worth supporting once more. In truth Blake had worked for a wealthy and fairly high ranking Carthian from some time before he realized it. The contracts were always from Kindred and always the came with reports of excessive or horrific use of mortals. The contracts always paid well and there were never to many demands on how the job was done other than a request to limit unnecessary mortal deaths. After the third contact by this man Blake and the Employer interred into communications by letter and a interesting game of chess. These letters would be Blake’s introduction to the Carthian Movement and the ideals of the AOA and would inevitably lead him to him joining the Carthian Movement.

Mercella came into Blake’s life during his time of as a totally freelance killer. Do to Blake’s nature and the fact that even as a mortal he was never what you would call a people person he needed a mediator for his would be employers and him to communicate with having to come face to face. Blake originally spotted Mercella when he was gathering Intel on a target she was the target’s secretary. It was more luck than anything that on the night Blake made his move so had the target on Mercella who had refused and the quarrel was quickly becoming violent. Blake intervened, none violently, and came out looking like the hero and offered Mercella a job, well after such a rescue it was a sure thing and give the fact that the next night her old boss was found floating in the river. Mercella would work for Blake without knowing his nature until he was confident in her ability to complete the task of a contract killer’s mediator. This include not only social skills but data retrieval, fire acquirement and shipping, negotiation dealings, person locating, and the ability to adapt to his changing needs. Once satisfied Mercella was brought into the ‘know’ about Kindred, the fact that she is still alive speaks for the way she handled her introduction into the supernatural. It would not be until she came to him, knowing full well the draw back sand advantages of being a ghoul was, before he would seek out permission to have one and take her as his ghoul.

Blake has lived in New York for the past twenty three years in his small corner office in a three story building in the Brooklyn that service as his haven. The Office has a nice front waiting room with furnishings and a large secretary’s desk and lots of filing cabinets with state of the art computers and communication devices placed all around it, this of course is Mercella’s domain and she is very fussy about anyone touching her stuff. Next to the desk is the door that leads to Blake’s office which has no windows and with comes with a small desk and basic computer and little more other than the locked storage and what looks to be a large gun safe but is in fact the door to another room, Blake’s personal bedroom.

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