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Who is this character? Nikala is a Houses of the Blooded character that is loosely based around Nick Fury from Marvel comics. He holds the Ven ideals of what is right and wrong at heart and abhors the hypocrisy in Ven culture.

My Father was murdered while my Mother slept.
My name is Nikala Uvan, The Secret Hope for the Little Family. I live in the lands of Silch with my beautifully clever wife La’Zeta. We have no children but don’t think that topic hasn’t been discussed. I love La’Zeta dearly and I know she only wants what is best for our family. I just don’t have the time to raise a child; I have a promise to keep. Still, she has a point. An heir could be groomed to fulfill my legacy should I fail. Though, I fear that if I am to fail then there is no hope and I can’t bring another life into this corrupted world.

I stay in contact with my little siblings though, for after my Father died I offered to help my mother raise them. Veria and Sayir are still just but children, born only a few seasons apart. Sometimes I wonder if my Father knew of his impending death and just wanted to have some more offspring to carry forward with his dreams.

Veria is my little sister and is barely older then Sayir but she likes to pretend she’s much older and wiser then she is. Veria was born early, a tiny baby that the doctor’s said wouldn’t make it past a month. Veria showed them by surviving but the doctors say she will always be a small, frail, girl. Still, she has my Mother’s stark beauty and the darting blue eyes of my Father. Even at her young age I see her taking the Shadow of the Serpent when she becomes fully Blooded. I’ve never seen her read a book in her life but she just knows things. She’s intuitive and perceptive. More then once has she figured out what I was up to by simple off-handed comments.

Sayir, my youngest sibling, is a little trouble-maker who never gets caught. I remember distinctly one time when my Parent’s cellar flooded with water. Gallons of wine bottles were swept away and the cost to my parents was substantial. Yet, no one could prove how it happened. Veria was certain that it was Sayir but since we had nothing to prove he did it my parent’s refused to punish him. He said he was playing in his room, but Veria said he was digging for buried treasure. To this day I’m not sure what happened down there but I’m inclined to believe Veria.

I had an older brother. He was also born early and unlike Veria he didn’t survive past a week. Sometimes I wonder what he would have been like and if his living would have eased my burden. I don’t like to think about him though, its just pointless.

Before my Father was murdered he arranged my marriage to La’Zeta. To this day I am grateful for my Father’s kindness. La’Zeta’s family were struggling Barons who could only barely manage to keep their vassal’s fed. A string of bad luck and treachery had kept La’Zeta’s family from prospering and their domain was about to fail at any time. I saw La’Zeta while I was out sailing with my father one day and was taken by her raw beauty and obvious kind heart. We sailed around a hill and there was a small village there that we decided to stop in for lunch. That’s when I first really saw her. She was over with a Veth family delivering food from the royal stores. I commented to my Father that I had never seen such a gorgeous woman in my life and he laughed; saying I needed to see more Fox women then.

I thought nothing else of it until around a year before my Father’s murder. He called me into his study and asked if I remember the girl from the small Fox village. I said of course and that I dreamed of her every night. He smiled, something he seldom did, and told me that he would arrange for our marriage if I only promised him one thing. And its that promise that changed my life and lead to my Father’s murder.

La’Zeta and I were allowed to meet once before our marriage. She asked me why my Father would do this, for surly my family had nothing to gain by this alliance. I told her plainly, My Father loves and when I saw you so did I. She smiled and we’ve been inseparable ever since. La’Zeta keeps me grounded and stops me from becoming jaded like my Father.

When I was old enough to claim land I was took a small unclaimed parcel near both La’Zeta’s family and my own family. Its on an island far to the south of Ven culture; distantly removed from the Senate and its corruption. I named my land Silch, being its the farthest south one can travel and still be in the Ven Empire. I’m still working to explore my region fully and I look forward to seeing what mysteries might be uncovered in my lands.

It was six seasons ago that I met Moryandal Mwnn. He was in trouble and I offered him a hand. I’m not a fighting man but when I have someone else at my back I improve markedly. Moryandal was on the run from some guards who took it poorly when he crushed their master’s head. You see, Moryandal respects our laws and is practically a zealot when it comes to Sorcery. He found definite proof that this man was preparing to create a Tulpa and took action. I helped Moryandal defend himself and in return he’s become a close friend. He was the first to take the Vow with me and I consider him to be my closest friend. He even attended my wedding.

It was three seasons ago that I met Cavis Thorne and Lura Adrente. I met Cavis at a small gathering that he was begrudgingly attending with is lover Lura Adrente. The three of us talked for a great many number about how the Ven should act and they seemed genuinely interested in creating a better world. I later found out that Cavis was in talks with his sister’s husband about swearing fealty. He confided in me that he wants to stay close to his Veth and fears growing to large would greatly impact his distance from his people. I came along just in time to stop him from doing so and he’s eager to take the Vow with me but Lura isn’t. And you know Men don’t think far from Women.

Two seasons ago, my Father died. Before my wedding I had eagerly agreed to uphold any promise I made to him, a promise that I wish I’d never made. First he had me promise to not seek Revenge for his death. Second he had me promise to establish an order to combat the very nature of the Ven. An order to help bring good will and peace across our lands. A new initiative to bring out justice and civility to the Senate.

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