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Backstory Title
Ronald Anderson was born to Jeffery and Martha Anderson on June 8th 1965. The Andersons were a middle class family who lived in the suburbs of West Gate. Ronald was an only child growing up and an avid reader. For much of his youth he was socially inept preferring to bury himself in books rather than engage in the games and social events of the other children. He was an honor student through school and remained an outcast socially, although he was always the first one people came to if they needed help with any of there school work. During high school his parents pushed him to join the school’s drama club and he came out of his shell. He never gave up his reading but did start to attend more social events and when people came to him for information. He graduated Valedictorian of his class.

After graduation he went on to attend Harvard University double majoring in History and Religion and receiving a minor in Library Science. The university was a fresh start for him socially and he didn’t have the stereotype riding over him that he had in high school. He attended parties and other events (although he imagined that these were a bit more tame than what was happening at the state schools). At one of the parties in 1984 he met, and later fell in love with, Elizabeth D’Amato. She was the daughter of a Senator Al D’Amato of New York. Over two years their relationship grew more serious but was kept quiet because Elizabeth knew her father would not want to her to marry any one who was not a player in the political circles. During his senior year at the university he was startled by a knock at the door late one night. There were two police officers standing in the hall of the dormitory. He was asked to come with them, it was concerning Elizabeth. He agreed went with them. He was taken to the police station (not the hospital as he had feared) and taken to an interrogation room. Elizabeth had been scheduled to go back to New York three days ago and attend an event her family was putting on. He was told she had not shown up and there was no sign of her. They had been looking into it for the last two days and he was now a suspect in her disappearance. No charges ever came due to the disappearance but she was never found. The event had a traumatic effect on Ronald. He reverted back to his book worm state consuming himself in his studies. He graduated Sigma Cum Laude.

Despite graduating with the honors from one of the best universities in the country he returned to his hometown and began to work in the local libraries. With in three years he took over as head of the main branch and another two years later he was head of the library. His promotions were not due to the fact that he was good at managing the people but the books. It was not uncommon for him to the spend weeks at the library only leaving to go home and change cloths and shower. No matter what any one did to try cheer him up he just fell deeper into his studies. One night when he was leaving late he looked across the street to and saw a woman and just for an instant he thought it was Elizabeth. When he looked back to the spot she stood she was gone. As time passed he kept catching glimpses of her face when he was at the library too late. He began to think that he was going crazy. Ronald buried himself deeper into his books as it was the only time he did not feel the pain of his loss. The deeper he fell into despair the darker the subjects of his study got.

One night just over 21 years after the fateful visit from the police he was studying late in the library just getting ready to close up and force the any remaining patrons out when he looked up from his book and saw her just as he remembered. She sat down and began talking. It was a full two minutes before the shock wore off of Ronald and he began to hear her words. He had missed the first part of what had happened that night but it some how got her tied to the the area around the university. She then told me that five years ago she did something to get out and came to the city looking for him. It didn’t make much sense as to why she hadn’t found me right away. Mother still lived where she did when he was young. His number was listed in the phone book but he didn’t push the issue he was just glad she was here. After talking for a while they headed back to her place where after enjoying each other’s company she drained him of his blood. He was then embraced.

After the embrace the next few months were spent with Elizabeth showing Ronald the basics of being a vampire. Learning to feed, explaining the basic rules of vampires society and a brief overview of the hierarchy of the Kindred in the city. It was explained to him that Elizabeth had to ensure his services as an information broker to Merriam Wallace as part of the deal that got permission to get Ronald embraced and that it had taken her five years to acquire the permission to do so. It was six months before Ronald was introduced to another Kindred. That is when he met Wallace and was started to learn what was expected of him.

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