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Backstory Title
My earliest memories are from the when I was young growing up on New Olympus, a small human colony on the outskirts of the civilized world. My parents Talari and Zelma worked as liaisons for the Citadel with the humans. Making sure that they had what they needed and that they weren’t getting themselves into more trouble (or causing trouble for the rest of the universe).

I enjoyed spending time with the humans and as one of the few permanent non-human families on the planet was actually well received. My parents were always preaching to me to be tolerant and kind to those who are different then us. It was strange watching my friends grow old around me while I remained but a child in my parents eyes. They always wanted to hold me back from and keep me at home but as my childhood friends started to near retirement I pushed harder to be allowed out into the world.

Not long after my 60th birthday I began to apply for colleges. I was surprised when less than a year later I was accepted to an institution on the Citadel. It wasn’t the most prominent of the Citadel universities but it was more than I had ever hoped for. Not long after arriving I quickly discovered my parents reason for preaching tolerance. I, a pure blood Asari, was considered an outcast among my own people. I also learned that living among the short lived humans had caused me to mature faster then many other Asari. I was at least 20 years younger than the youngest of my fellow Asari students but seemed to take things more seriously then most of them. At first I had trouble dealing with it but before too long I began to make friends with many of the humans (not that their were many) and other races that attended the school I was at and lived in the area of the Citadel near the college. I even met one Quarian named Razz. While the rest of the students shunned them I was anxious to learn what I could of the reclusive outcast race. I found it slightly ironic that our situations were reversed, I was an outcast with my own people while few outside of their own race accepted them. Less than a year had passed before I had gone from feeling like an unwanted outsider to feeling popular and well liked (although mostly by those who were not held in high regard amongst the Citadel). My first year flew by and I began to take tests to determine which advanced courses I was most suited for.

Midway through my second year I was contacted by a representative of Biotechnica Corporation about beginning a career with them. Apparently my Biotics test I had taken the year before had scored off the chart and they were anxious to grab me up before any of their competitors could get a chance. I later found out it was a calculated risk trying to recruit someone this young before they had finished school but they felt it was worth the chance. This was a very exciting opportunity and I didn’t want to pass it up. Against the wishes of my parents I said good by to my friends and left the college to join the corporation. While working at the corporation I was assigned to work with a team developing a Battle VI to assist in the use of Biotic powers on the field. I was given the biotic implants during my second year working on it. At first the experience was awkward but as I began working on with them more it began to feel more natural.

After several years at working for Biotechnica I was surprised to be given a field assignment. I had spent all of my time up to this point working in laboratories and offices. It felt good to finally be able to head into the field. The assignment was simple. Travel to the planet of <<name>> and retrieve a piece of research equipment and return it to the company headquarters. I was given the means to hire a crew and one company security officer was sent with me. The pickup went well, and as far as I knew there were no problems. That was until we arrived at our destination. There was a large security team present and several top scientists. The quickly boarded the ship and began to examine the package. I was lead away from the ship and immediately questioned. They told me that the package had been tampered with and the tracking devices that had been attached were no longer present. They drilled me for hours trying to find out what I had done with the equipment. All I could tell them was the truth: the package was exactly as had recovered it. None of the crew or myself had entered the cargo bay after pickup. I didn’t know how it happened. After they were done interrogating me I was released from my employment with the company. My firing was very public and well covered by the industry news as was the events surrounding it. I wouldn’t be able to work in the industry again, my chances of getting back into school were slim so I began the the process of packing up my things to head back home. I dreaded trying to explain this to my parents.

As a last ditch effort to avoid having to explain this to my parents I joined the crew of mercenaries that had been part of my last job. Jared, the security officer who had accompanied me on the mission, also joined with them. My ticket in was a job I had heard about needing to be done shortly before leaving. I took what little information I had and offered it to them as a act of good faith to join up with them. They accepted us on as partners and we began our journey together.

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