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William O’Conner was born a military brat to the now General Thomas O’Conner and Mary. For the most part, William had a nice childhood despite the fact that his mother had left him with his father at the age of four. William’s father quickly remarried after Mary’s leaving to a woman named Patricia, who would always be cold towards William but not cruel. It was during this time that William’s mother Mary would herself remarry to a preacher and later that year gives birth to his half-brother Anson. William and his brother didn’t know each other that much as they grew up. They only saw each other on the odd summers that William would spend with his mother and her new family. For some reason that William still does not totally understand, his mother for the most part had little to do with him during those visits and William spent time with her new husband and his half-brother. This was William’s life until he was eighteen and could join the military like his father had done.

Joining the Military was not really a dream or a career choice for William, it had more to do with the fact that the military life was the only life he knew and it felt so natural for him to continue it. This first year of military life was fair to William. As a member of the Supply Division and with the friends he made, William quickly found himself dealing in the selling of ‘lost’ military equipment and weaponry. This criminal lifestyle was not something that really crossed William’s mind as wrong. It was as natural to him as joining the military. During his childhood on the military base everyone had always used those items that were not being used or taken what was not needed, and to him this was no different. The criminality of these actions was not so grey to others though. When he was approached by FBI agents about possible criminal charges, he took the offer of amnesty if he would help with a sting they were setting up against one of his clients.

Selling out his client was the beginning of the end for William as even though he was given amnesty for his crimes he was dishonorably discharged from the military, and worse when his father found out he was disowned from the family for political reasons. William’s life fell apart then and his world became a haze of drunken nights and days and he walked the streets of Washington D.C. with no idea of where to go. It was some months later that he by chance heard from his mother that his half-brother had been missing for the past eight months and the cops had no leads on where he was or even if he was alive or dead.

William’s brothers disappearance became his new mission in life as his mother begged him to find his brother and bring him back home. Despite the fact that his life had a new focus, giving up the drink proved harder than William could manage and his search was clouded by the drunken haze that was his life now. It may have proved for the best that William stayed drunk while searching for this brother as the more he investigated the mysterious facts about not only his brother’s disappearance but others as well the darker places he was forced to go. Even though the drink most likely saved William’s sanity, it also made finding any evidence about his brother’s disappearance almost impossible and led to his faltering form this search.

William still does not know just what all happened. The last thing he remembered was he was investigating a nightclub that was reported to have something to do with several unsolved disappearances. The next thing William remembered is waking up in a abandoned church and he learned it was a week later. It was three women that woke him up, three that looked nothing alike but acted as close as friends as one could be. The oldest looked to be in her fifties, but very healthy then next was almost the poster child for a soccer mom, and the youngest who looked to be in her early twenties and dark but beautiful to his eyes. The next few days that William stayed with the women he learned that they knew much about the world he had been investigating and they told him that the simple nightclub he was unknowingly walked into a Vampire held stronghold. He also learned the young lady’s name was Lyrical Briggs and over the next few months of his self imposed dry out they came to know one another more.

It was Lyrical that would help William find and develop his talents as a Runemancer and the discovery of a new world that was both exciting and dark at the same time as Lyrical was herself. The time they spent together was what William needed to help his damaged heart and allowed him to once more find a footing in the world as a whole and gave his life new focus. It may have Williams military mindset that lead him to the decision to become a Vampire hunter after talking to the ladies that had pulled him out of his drunken rampage, or it just may have been his anger at seeing the evils that they caused. His first killing was more by accident than design and he scared the little girl he saved more that the Vampire he scared off with the over use of automatic pistols that spit not only bullets, but sticks of flame. Over the next four months his technique improved and so did his Runemancer powers which helped him bring down any unfortunate Vampire that found itself wandering the night streets alone.

The thing is that William never knew just how much of a thorn he had become and when he inadvertently killed a powerful Vampire’s love pet retaliation was inevitable. Said retaliation came in the form of the kidnapping of his now girlfriend Lyrical. She was held in the stronghold of Vampire Mistress Candace Hanover and they used not only her as a trap for William, but used the deaths of her friends as a means to enrage him in to making a mistake. Despite the fact that his rage was close to overtaking him of all rational thought, he had the clarity of mind to realize that he could not take down the Vampire stronghold and he approached the White Council for aid in a raid to get back Lyrical.

Although the White Council agreed to help with his promise of a debt to be paid in later services, they would not allow him to join in on the raid as they stated he was too emotional to fight with a clear head. To add insult to injury, he was given a babysitter to make sure he didn’t do anything foolish, who turned out to be his now over two years missing younger half-brother, who apparently had been staying with a Warden of the White Council. When he was introduced to those that would be taking part in the raid, he saw a familiar face, the man he had helped the FBI send to jail. As he was forced to stay back guarded by his younger brother, a man who may hold hatred against him was sent to aid in the recovery of his girlfriend Lyrical. That night was the worst and longest night of his life. In the end, Lyrical was retrieved and they were reunited and he would owe a debt of gratitude to those who would soon become his fast brothers-in-arms as Junior Wardens.

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