In an effort to make everything easier for our listeners we have added a suite a integration features with Facebook and Twitter. The most directly useful is the ability to post comments via your Facebook or Twitter accounts! Every post also features “Share” and “Like” buttons for Facebook making it easier than ever for you to spread the word about your favorite episodes! In addition to that you’ll notice a couple new features at the top and bottom of the site. First is a little information box about our Facebook fans. Below that we have a link to find our official Twitter account. At the bottom of the site is another link to our Facebook fan page and a fan counter similar to the Feedburner counter.

These integrations come on the heels of the creation of an official Bear Swarm! Facebook Fan Page and the first official Bear Swarm! Twitter Account. All of this is to help reach out to our community more. Your feedback is appreciated and we want to make it easier for you to tell us what you think.

Check out the Bear Swarm! Facebook Fan Page here.
Follow @BearSwarm on Twitter.

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