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We might have talked about it before, but for those Supernatural fans we’ve got something special for you guys. Turns out, Matt’s dad is a… rug… guy… I’m not sure what the technical name is. Regardless, the guy deals with rugs, doormats, and that sort of stuff. After we got Matt hooked on Supernatural, he got his mom and dad hooked too. Really, it was only a matter of time before this happened:

That’s right, its a Devil’s Trap Doormat. You want to get your hands on one of these bad boys? Cruise your browser over to and place your orders! Their look wicked awesome. We all have one. They are epic.

UPDATE: Devil’s Trap Rugs!
Why were weren’t informed of these sooner, I’ll never know. Still, better late then never to cruise your browser over to and put in an order!

We’ve had the Podtrac survey up and running for quite awhile now. We don’t really talk about it or draw attention to it at all but we’ve still had a few people kind enough to take notice and fill out the survey. I figured it was past time to share some of the feedback we’ve gotten with our audience.

All of these surveys are anonymous so I have no idea who said what, but that’s not important. Chime in and sound off on the comments that other listeners have already been vocal about.


(From 8/26/08 – 12/29/09)

  • It is fun to listen to and doesn’t get dry. They cover a lot of games and podcast for the sake of podcasting.
  • easy to listen, lots of info, fun, and entertaining
  • The excellent balance of entertaining host bullshittery and semi-useful rpg discussion.
  • Great cast rapport, lots of humor.
  • RPG topics
  • The report of the hosts is the best of any podcast I listen to.
  • I enjoy the banter between the hosts and topic discussion.
  • Their comprehensive discussions of the various facets of roleplaying games.
  • Gaming information on games I’m not familiar with and their trying out and testing games. World design.
  • The banter.
  • humour / banter between hosts, (non) advice for gaming.
  • Matt, Mike, Rob (not necessarily in that order). Banter topics are good. No censorship.
  • The humor, the banter, the back-and-forth between the hosts on topics relating to gaming and genre entertainment.
  • Good banter and hosts. Reularity of episodes. And most of all, “becoming recorded”!
  • The banter between the hosts
  • The banter portions of the show.
  • The hosts bullshitting. Also, the word fuck.
  • the attitude and personalities of hosts
  • I enjoy the banter and interhost dynamic. Listening to nerds talk about nerdy things.
  • Randomness that makes them so funny, the way things are gone through and talked about.
  • Gamer talk


(From 8/26/08 – 12/29/09)

  • Adam from the Podgecast.
  • I miss Art.
  • I could listen to it every day if it were new every day. More. Give me more.
  • local area refrences
  • I’d like more in depth discussion of the topics. All the hosts agree alot, and since there’s no one to argue with there not alot of depth to some of the discussions. I think someone playing devil’s advocate, or introducing a host who has different opinions then those already represented on the show would help.
  • n/a
  • Rob hasn’t put out a compilation of all of Mike’s recorded sighs yet.
  • Juvenile behavior, opening banter.
  • The ritualistic reading of the MEtagames bulliten, totally useless as I’m three states away.
  • swearing, esp when it gets over-the-top. other podcasts I can watch happily with my wife, but this one I would often feel embarrassed about the language / topics of discussion.
  • Any possible movie or book spoilers.
  • Some of the opinions held by certain hosts are pretty different from my own, which can be either entertaining or annoying depending on how stridently they phrase it. And, frankly, claiming that when you say “gay” you don’t really mean it that way so it’s not an insult is a position that anyone over 16 should be able to realize is completely full of holes; they don’t do it much, but it stands out and makes them come across as ignorant.
  • The weekly recap of television viewing habits. How sad. Read a book. One without pictures. Dweebs.
  • Interviews.
  • Boring moments.
  • that it only comes out once a week ;)
  • A couple memes are used a bit too often such as muting hosts and talk of “editing that out” revenge.
  • Not enough Rob being an ass to the other hosts.
  • Profanity

Other Interesting Results

(From 8/26/08 – 12/29/09)
Out of the 31 people who have taken the test, a whole two have been female!
58% are Single!
1 person speaks French!
29% listen to the episode more then once! (Seriously? What the fuck? I don’t even listen more then once!)
51% listen live from the site! (May be bias as that’s where the survey link is)
According to our Listener/Viewer Satisfaction section, our best area is the “Placement of ads or sponsorships in podcast” and our worst is the “Content”. High praise indeed!

“Hey, these guys don’t talk about much but their ad placement is FANTASTIC!”

Episode 3 of a new cross-show cast is up over at Spooky Outhouse.   The plan is to get a few different hosts from a few different shows on each month to kick around a topic and see what they come up with.  No host can host back-to-back episodes, so you wont’ see Art, Ryan, Fraser or Jonathan back at least for two months.


Artemis Knight Bear Swarm!m
Ryan Save Against Frostbite
Fraser Accidental Survivors
Jonathan Kicked in the Dicebags

You can find the show here.

Episode 1 of a new cross-show cast is up over at Spooky Outhouse.   The plan is to get a few different hosts from a few different shows on each month to kick around a topic and see what they come up with.  No host can host back-to-back episodes, so you wont’ see Scott, Rob, Rib or David back at least for two months.


DavidThe Podge Cast
ScottStory Shtrick
RobBear Swarm
RibThe Downuder Gamer Show

You can find the show here.

The Gamers

October 1st, 2008 No Comments

I should be used to issuing errata to our notes.
Yet again, someone didn’t see fit to link to
The Gamer’s website

despite the fact that it was what an entire episode was about.

For further clarification, we reviewed The Gamers.
Not to be confused with
The Gamers
, Gamers, Gamers, Gamers,
Uber Goober (aka: Gamers), GamerZ, Patriot Games, or WarGames

Sorry for the confusion everyone.

Houses of the Blooded

September 15th, 2008 No Comments

Yet again, Mike decided not to put a direct link in the notes. He linked to Houses of the Blooded and Indy Press Revolution but not to the product we specifically mentioned. Since the episode has already released, here’s the link:

Houses of the Blooded PDF on Indy Press Revolution for $5

Even though we mentioned it on the show, promising to link it in the show notes, Mike decided not to put a link in the notes. Since the episode has already released, here’s the link:

Mr. Gone’s Character Sheets