Cast : Rob, Mike, Art, and Paul
Topic : Retrospective
Sponsors : Meta-Games Unlimited
Memberships : Spooky Outhouse Productions and RPG
Music : All music used with permission of Ghoultownâ„¢
Intro: Mexican Moonshine – Plugs: Thunder Over El Paso
Transition: Hang Me High – Shout Outs: Killer in Texas
Outro: Train to Nowhere
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Not much is linkable this episode. Moving on!

Rob: Repo: The Genetic Opera
Mike: Howe & Howe Tech
Art: Owl
Paul: Metric

One Response to “Episode 100 – Retrospective”


March 15th, 2010 - 6:59 pm

Don't worry Paul, your my favorite host. If you ever get your ass to the netherlands, Ill buy a few beers.

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