Cast : Mike and Role-Playing Public Radio
Topic : RPPR Episode 44: Don’t Hate the Game
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In this episode, we have a special guest: Mike from Bear Swarm. We discuss why edition wars and hating on games in discussions is a pointless endeavor and why people endlessly flame each other over them. We also talk about Catalyst Game Labs and of course, Tom has a letter.

Shout Outs:

  • Triangle: A great horror film that is better the less you know about it before you watch it.
  • Pandemic: A board game about stopping a global pandemic. You usually fail.
  • Imaginary Monsters: A web comic about monsters and dungeons.
  • Poo: A card game about monkeys flinging poo.
  • Casshern: The live action Japanese 2007 sci-fi flick. Crazy effects and nonsensical plot.
  • MD Geist: Ultra violent 80s anime that features gamer logic.
  • Sin Titulo: Eisner nominated web comic. Very creepy and a great read.

Music: Cataclysmic Crash by Game Over.

The Bear Swarm! Spring Tour ends with a Q&A about WhiteChapel.
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