Cast : Mike and The Way of the Game
Topic : The Way of the Game – Episode 18
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Mike from the Bear Swarm! podcast joins us on the show this week. He’s here as part of their Take a Couple of Months Off Grand Tour. ;-)

We start with our usual discussion of what’s on our radar this week, which led to a discussion of the merits (or should that be demerits) of Final Fantasy XIII. Blood Bowl, Magna Carta 2, and Turf Wars Online are all discussed, as well.

We also put Mike through the Top Ten wringer, harassing him about his decision to flaunt some of our rules, while also admitting that he makes some valid objections to those same rules. The list won’t make a show-note appearance, so you’ll have to listen to hear Mike’s shocking (Shocking, I say!) pick for Number One.*
*Mike’s Number One pick may or may not be all that terribly shocking.

The Bear Swarm! Spring Tour ends with a Q&A about WhiteChapel.
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