Cast : Rob, Paul, and The Jank Cast
Topic : Episode Forty-Nine: Jank Swarm!
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Episode Forty-Nine: Jank Swarm!
Hosts: JOHNKELLY, Scott, Todd, Timo, Lexx, Reek, Rob, I am Paul

Which leads to…Amish parties are the best!
The Bear Swarm!
Main Topic: Gamer Communities
Scott’s southern tales (Dueling banjos)
Introducing people to Gaming
Reek’s Metaphore

JOHNKELLY: The Gyros Place
Scott: Duck Blood Soup
Todd: Depressed Friends
Timo: Dogs in the Vineyard/Game about Morality/Vincent is Crazy
Lexx: Bear Swarm!
Reek: Communities (Of Reek hate)
Paul: Those Fucking Amish
Rob: Change is bad

Again: Bear Swarm!

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The Bear Swarm! Spring Tour ends with a Q&A about WhiteChapel.
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