Cast : Rob and Jared Sorensen
Topics : A Summary Conversation with Jared Sorensen
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Music : All music used with permission of Ghoultown
Songs Used: Under a Phantom Moon, Killer in Texas, and Train to Nowhere

Don’t want to listen to all 2 hours of the conversation with Jared? I don’t blame you. Here’s a 15 minute highlight reel.

Buy Jared’s stuff here.

Show Notes

* Luke Crane
* Alpha Omega
* John Wick
* Cyborg Commando
* Lawnmower Man RPG
* World of Darkness
* Gregor Hutton
* Chad Underkoffler
* Joe McDonald
* Ryan Macklin
* Daniel Solis
* The Walking Eye
* Greg Stolze

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[…] Short Interview with Jared Sorensen (link to his stuff) […]

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