Cast : Rob, Mike, Art, and Paul
Topics : The Shades of Evil, When Good Guys Do Bad, and Player Informed Characters
BS! Sponsors : Meta-Games Unlimited and Obsidian Portal
BS! Memberships: Spooky Outhouse Productions
Music : All music used with permission of Ghoultown
Songs Used: Under a Phantom Moon, Killer in Texas, and Train to Nowhere

1:50 Metalocalypse
1:26 Philip K. Dick
3:25 Rectum Rodent
3:55 Fuck My Life
4:20 Death by Ass Eel
7:25 Rob’s Topic: Aspects of Evil in Fiction
7:47 Invite Only
13:50 Strahd
15:20 The Godfather (Wasn’t sure if Paul meant the movies or the books.)
16:05 Skullport
20:40 JFK V.A.T.S
21:11 Belial’s Brood
21:46 Midnight
27:40 Mike’s Topic: Good Guys, Evil Actions
28:22 Greater Good
29:14 Master and Commander
29:44 The Crusades
30:30 Bombing of Dresden
30:43 Slaughterhouse-Five
33:00 The Crow
33:24 Superman
34:35 Batman
35:10 The Punisher
35:40 Ridged Alignment
37:57 Detect Evil
39:12 Star Wars Saga
43:20 Paul’s Topic: Player Personality Influencing Character Personality
47:16 Geist: The Sin-Eaters
56:20 Cash Cab

Art: Twelve
Paul: Patton Alley Pub
Rob: Grinderman 2
Mike: WWE Raw

Show Notes brought to you by: Eichlos

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