Cast : Rob, Mike, Paul, and Darryl.
Topics : Patton Oswalt’s Wired Feature, Top Video Games of 2010
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2:49 Paul’s Topic: Patton Oswalt’s Wired Feature
3:00 : Wake Up, Geek Culture, Time to Die
5:02 Otaku
5:58 Pop Culture
6:05 Satire
6:12 The Big Bang Theory
7:08 The Gamers
8:42 Target Audience
9:20 Blade Runner
9:34 Bit Torrent
10:30 Back in my day…
10:48 CNN
11:09 The Lord of the Rings Films
12:22 Sons of Anarchy
13:00 Watchmen
14:08 Dungeons & Dragons
16:00 Battlestar Galactica
21:06 Cyanide and Happiness
21:40 Indie Rock
22:09 Cake
26:18 Call of Duty
26:56 Netflix
27:03 Wii
28:00 Black Swan
28:07 Inception
28:23 True Grit
28:53 Shakespeare
30:03 Avatar
30:06 Pocahontas
30:07 FernGully
30:12 Dances with Wolves
30:31 Aliens
30:32 Predator
30:33 Friday the 13th
30:44 Trancers
30:49 Troma
31:00 Repo Man
32:11 Grognard
33:12 Dewey Decimal System
34:25 Minority Report
35:23 Quake
38:35 Darryl’s Topic: Top Video Games of 2010
38:42 Splinter Cell Conviction
39:22 Dragon Age: Origins
39:27 Batman: Arkham Asylum
44:37 Red Dead Redemption
46:32 Jose Gonzalez
46:47 William Eliot Whitmore
48:20 Mass Effect 2
58:40 King’s Quest
1:01:07 Fallout 3
1:02:00 Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood
1:07:39 Fallout New Vegas
1:10:00 Final Fantasy XIII
1:14:34 Alpha Protocol
1:19:48 Call of Duty: Black Ops
1:24:10 Eastern Promises
1:24:35 Highlander

Darryl: Pajama Jeans
Paul: Black Swan
Mike: Kindle
Rob: Slide Screen

6 Responses to “Episode 143 – Patton Oswalt Sucks at Video Games”

Chris Parker

January 10th, 2011 - 8:12 am

Hey, Rob, have you been playing NV lately, y'know, downloading the patches? In addition to fixing some issues with weapons and ammo, they also have really cut down on the number of bugs I've encountered, though I'm playing the PS3 version.

Also, the thing a lot of people don't realize about FFXIII (Or at least I assume they don't, since nobody ever mentions it), is that its basically an antithesis to FFXII. XII was different in a lot of ways, it was hugely expansive, with lots of walking and fighting mobs to get to the next story spot, and you could get lost because there was no mini-map. Combat was real time, and anyone could wield any weapon or cast any spell. XII was also very fantasy, as opposed to the sci-fi/fantasy that a lot of later and wildly popular Final Fantasys (Like VII, VIII and IX). So, SE gets a lot of flak for this game that, while very good, was very different from lots of traditional Final Fantasy stuff. So, they go the complete other way. Straight line, no needing to find stuff, no complex quests for the best gear. Very heavy on the technomagic, returning to classic style summons as opposed to the new ones we had in XII. SE listened to the vocal chunks of their fanbase, and now everyone says they have made a shitty game.


January 10th, 2011 - 8:50 am

I have not. I've been meaning to though. With the new DLC I figured there would be a few more bug patches coming along side. That's typically how XBL works. New DLC, everyone gets patches, game gets better.

To me, FF(Insert Number Here) sucks. I've only played 7 to completion but now I look back and realize that, it to, is a shitty game for me. FF has yet to deliver a game that plays in a way I enjoy.


January 11th, 2011 - 1:02 pm

I have never been a huge fan of the fall out series but I love the ff series and ff7 was ok but 8 through 12 (excluding 10-2) were games that had strong story and great battle systems and a huge world to explore and great mini games to play. People wanted full control of they're party thats why 12 allowed everyone to do everything and yes people bitched about it. The bottom line is that gamers are jaded bitches and don't really know what they want. 13 was barely an rpg and was a disappointment to fans of the series I doubt that SE takes this game seriously, in my opinion I think they made it to make the next game seem way better by comparison and sell more copies.

fowl sorcerous

January 20th, 2011 - 4:01 am

did you guys actually get to the end of Red Dead? like did you see the credits? because after [EDITED TO REMOVE SPOILERS!]


January 20th, 2011 - 4:29 am

Yes, we played to the end. Also, next time. Lets not spoil the whole game.


January 20th, 2011 - 7:11 pm

Lol that made me laugh.

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