Cast : Rob, Mike, Paul, and Darryl.
Topics : Character Optimization and Reveals
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Music : All music used with permission of Ghoultown

1:55 Two Tickets to Paradise
3:40 Eichlos
5:30 Contest: Best Zingers for Darryl
7:44 Poo
8:06 Rifts
9:45 Crossing Over
10:22 Rob’s Topic: character Optimization
10:59 4th Ed. Dungeons & Dragons
12:00 Fallout New Vegas
19:44 Mass Effect
29:57 Mike’s Topic: Big Reveals in Gaming
30:05 David Bowie
33:40 LARP
58:02 Sandstorm
59:57 Lordi
1:04:25 Bully Beatdown

Darryl: Deadmou5
Mike: Heaven Shall Burn
Rob: Gangstagrass
Paul: The Wire

2 Responses to “Episode 144 – Optimizing Reveals”

Chris Parker

January 17th, 2011 - 10:44 am

Hearing your thoughts on character builds in New Vegas was interesting. Especially since theoretically you can beat the game with any build… at least outside of Hardcore mode. I can see how, with Hardcore modes restrictions, you might need to make sure to tag Survival as to assist with the whole "Need to eat and drink" thing. High repair isn't a necessity any more, given that you don't need 100% repair to repair an item to 100%. Though you do need high Repair for certain perks, which make the game easier.

But, outside of hardcore mode, any selection of three or four key skills will work. I know, I've beat the game like five times, each with a different build. This is wildly different from my experiences with FO3, where after a couple playthroughs, I figured out what skills I did and did not need. Like how you will NEED Small Guns, because otherwise you will be forced to run up and punch people shooting at you, but how you don't need to raise medicine, because eventually you have so many stimpaks, and such high HP and Armor it doesn't matter how little they heal you.


January 18th, 2011 - 8:31 am

I cannot put mass effect down at the moment. I finished the first one yesterday and immediately bought the second one. Its an amazing game.

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