Cast: Rob, and later Matt
Topics: Rob talks about the future of Bear Swarm and is later joined by Matt!
BS! Memberships: Spooky Outhouse Productions
Music : Most music used with permission of Ghoultown – Outro is Trout Heart Replica by Amanda Palmer

The House of Alargo – Rob’s GenCon Houses of the Blooded “LARP”

A’Therys Ascended – The Minecraft Server that Rob’s been playing on.
Look for RobJustice, Marquis De Lucifuge and member of the Roreg Logh nation.

5 Responses to “Episode 215: Rob Solos the Bear Swarm”


June 4th, 2012 - 4:08 pm

I think you should definitely try out this hangout stuff and see if it brings the spark for doing the podcast back. As a girl who doesn’t play RPGs but has a big interest in them, you guys have been most entertaining. I have wanted to find a group to learn to play with but have been scared (also lack of people in my immediate area who have games for newbies) but listening to this podcast has made me feel more comfortable because I have learned quite a bit from all of the hosts.

I would be sad to see the end of Bear Swarm! but I can understand you have to do what you have to do. I hope you get out of this rut soon Rob! 

Alex Hunter

June 4th, 2012 - 5:14 pm

Hey Rob,

I just wanted to drop a note to let you know that I thought that this episode rocked. It exemplifies what I like most about the show: it’s honest. Letting listeners see what’s happening behind the curtain is what makes the podcast most feel like I’m catching up with friends once a week. Except that I’ve never met you guys and you have no clue who I am, but aside from that, totally like hanging with friends.

I would love to hear more wrestle-casts with you guys and John. I grew up on the WWF of the 80’s with all the spectacle that it entailed, and while I don’t watch a lot of wrestling these days, I like to catch what I can every once in a while to keep up.

I would be totally down for Google Hangouts and would happily join in the fun with some notice. Also, how the hell is Ximnipot everywhere all the damned time? I swear he’s a robot or some evil AI destined to rule over us some day.

One more thing, I’m still down for treating you, Mike, and Art to a nice steak dinner one night at Gencon. My schedule’s wide open aside from playing in your Houses game and loitering in the Games on Demand area.

You keep putting out shows and I’ll keep listening. Take it easy. 


June 5th, 2012 - 7:59 pm

I’d be very disappointed to see or hear Bearswarm leave. you guys have been my favourite show for at least 3 years, there’s a lot of your format and style in my podcast now. if hangouts are what’s gonna keep your gears churning, i’ll happily crash them for you.

Dave Bozarth

June 7th, 2012 - 9:24 am

Of course i would be sad to see it end, but nothing lasts forever and your time should be spent on things that excite you. Hopefully, if you decide to explore something else, you do it in front of a mic :)

I would recommend not looking at the viewership numbers. Do what you want, its your show. Personally, i am not a wrestle-cast fan, but you guys have sounds really excited talking about it and thats cool in my book.

Maybe a change in format would help, I know that my favorite episodes are about how you guys approach games because sometimes its nice to hear how others are doing something to influence / improve my style. If you decide to experiment more with Hangouts, i would give it a shot.

I loved how honest and raw this episode was and as someone with depression I can relate to the trouble with keeping the motivation going to do shit (hell, i have 30 or so half started RPGs and no podcast so there you go). 


June 10th, 2012 - 12:03 am

Hangout worked well and suited your honest just talk like “gamers hanging out approach”. Maybe you could get people to ask you questions as part of the show via hangout and then move on to Rob and Mike shooting the breeze. The “emails” bit is good, but it could be better if you discussed the issue with the person who raised it. Looking forward to your Gencon interviews.

Never noticed the donate button before as I subscribe straight off iTunes so glad you mentioned it. Given the enjoyment the show gives me I’m happy to donate something.

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