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One Response to “Episode 256: Mostly Video Games”

Alex Hunter

May 10th, 2013 - 5:43 pm

Hey there Madman Mordo and Mysterious Mister R,

Liking the new format. I have to say the Steampunk discussion with Ro was the first intelligent talk on the topic which actually tried to define what steampunk really is. Having been raised in the Reagan Era I’m a permanent Cyberpunk fan (all jaded, cynical, and nihilistic by nature) which is why I was glad that you helped me discover why I never got on the Steampunk wagon aside from my love of zeppelins and cogs.

Side note, good to hear from John’s other half. I’m hoping the rest of the guest hosts bring the same level of discourse to the show. The bar was set pretty high.

Keep up the good work and peace out.

— Alex Hunter —

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