Cast : Rob, Mike, and Matt
: “Wrecking Ball” and “In Vain” by 137 found via Music.Podshow.Com
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Topic : World Building: Magic & Technology
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01:40 : The Bear Swarm! Chatroom
02:15 : The Bear Swarm hosts talk about One Shotter Day
03:25 : The first-ever official Bear Swarm contest
06:25 : Email contest submissions to contest@bearswarm.com
07:50 : Meta-Games Used Books Section, and Used Books Section redux
10:00 : Kingdom: The Next Generation (from PodgeCast)
19:20 : Saints Row 2
21:25 : Fable 2
24:25 : World Wide Wing Night
27:00 : The Legend of Drunken Master
27:20 : Houses of the Blooded
27:50 : Monty Python Fluxx
32:05 : Meta-Games YouTube Video
33:10 : Topic discussion begins. The Bear Swarm cast discusses technology and supernatural elements for their world building project.
33:40 : Hiro Nakamura
39:50 : I, Robot
40:30 : Babylon AD

Aside : Rob’s Rack Mount Case, art by Sarah

Rob: Necropolis 2350
Mike: Fable 2
Matt: Monty Python Fluxx

One Response to “Episode 29 – World Building: Magic & Technology”

Mike Mc

November 5th, 2008 - 10:47 am

I sent an e-mail in through your contact button on the main page, but here I am adding a comment as well just in case you don't check that e-mail often: Read Warren Ellis' 'Global Frequency.' The premise of the comic (which was only 12 issues) is that a mysterious former spook who calls herself Miranda Zero has created a network of 1001 individuals with specialized skills or knowledge who she can call on to handle emergency situations; every issue has a different artists and a different team dealing with a different issue (ranging from alien signal-viruses to doomsday cults).

There's one issue in particular (#2, in the first trade paperback) called "Big Wheel" that's about a team sent in to deal with a government cybernetics project that's about to escape into the larger world. Military grade cybernetics and enhancements are given a rather unflinchingly brutal look, not just in the freakish 500 million dollar man but even for the woman who just has one "super-arm." As she puts it:

"I have to be careful with it. Bioelectric enhancements are cranky. It's not just a case of sticking an artificial arm on. The surrounding bones and fibers have to be hardened and supported, or else the new arm will rip clean off your shoulder the first time you flex. You'll need tensile support across your back, or your spine will snap the first time you lift something heavy. For a job like Quinn's you need new skin; human skin isn't tough enough to handle the subcutaneous tension of superhuman strength. You'll take a chip in your brain to handle the specific dataload from the artificial nerve system controlling the arm. You're getting the idea right?"

And why did this emergency happen in the first place?

"Richard Quinn woke up two hours ago from a three-day sedation period following his last operation. And some damn fool let him look in a mirror."

Read the series, I'm sure it'll give you guys plenty of fodder.

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