Cast : Rob, Mike, Matt and Jacob
: “Wrecking Ball” and “In Vain” by 137 found via Music.Podshow.Com
Sponsors : Meta-Games Unlimited
Topic : Dealing with Character Issues
Bear Swarm is a member of Spooky Outhouse Productions.

01:20 : Magic PTQ: Kyoto at MetaGames
03:55 : Bear Swarm Sound Bite Contest
04:20 : One-Shotter Day in association with The Podge Cast
06:18 : Burning Wheel
16:10 : Fable 2
23:20 : The Incredible Hulk
27:50 : Mercenaries 2
30:13 : Bear Swarm discusses Players Changing Characters Frequently
43:11 : Bear Swarm discusses Players Making Problem Characters
57:40 : Bear Swarm discusses Scenarios and Suggestions on how to deal with them

Rob:Drop Kick Murphys
Mike:Shadow Force
Matt: D&D Starter Set
Jacob: Legend of the Five Rings

One Response to “Episode 30 – Dealing with Character Issues”

Ed Healy

November 10th, 2008 - 1:20 am

I'm enjoying the show. Anyone with an appreciation (Jacob) for L5R is 'good people' in my book.

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