Cast : Rob, Mike, Matt, Artemis, and Jason
Music : “Wrecking Ball” and “In Vain” by 137 found via Music.Podshow.Com
Sponsors : Meta-Games Unlimited
Topic : Sandbox Games
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2:35 : The BearSwarm! would like to thank our contest winners. Kitnel, Von Krieger , & Shay.
3:50 Next contest announced.
7:50 Southern Comfort
8:54 Incredible Hulk
9:42 Captians Log
10:13 Ghost Rider
10:17 March to the Stars
10:19 We Few
10:56 Yeti
10:59 Sasquatch
11:30 Warmachine
11:58 D&D Minis
12:05 Star Wars Minis
12:07 Hero Clix
15:13 Axis & Allies
16:00 Eisenhorn
16:30 Jim Butcher
17:10 1408
17:16 Man in the Iron Mask
17:40 7th Sea
19:00 Topic Discussion Begins
23:30 Brilliant Gameol0gists
24:57 The Titanic
34:00 Houses of the Blooded
39:44 Pokethulu
55:23 Oblivion

Rob: Total Recall 2070
Mike: A Game of Thrones RPG
Matt: Xlerator
Artemis: Space Invader Zim
Jason: Riki-Oh

2 Responses to “Episode 39 – Sandbox Games”

Von Krieger

January 13th, 2009 - 1:58 pm

It's Steh-fahn von Kree-grr. And when the world is mine, I shall drop the lot of you into a pit of alligators for this grievous insult!

*pets albino ferret*

The cat's in the shop.

[…] can be extremely fun but it requires a lot of work on the part of both the GM and the players. Our friends over at the Bearswarm recorded an episode about sandbox games recently but we thought we would give it a shot (and neither of us has listened to it yet). Also, we have […]

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