Cast : Rob, Mike, Matt, Artemis, Jacob and Jason
Music : “Wrecking Ball” and “In Vain” by 137 found via Music.Podshow.Com
Sponsors : Meta-Games Unlimited
Topic : Group Backstories
Bear Swarm is a member of Spooky Outhouse Productions.

8:35 : Dresden Files
8:41 James Marsters
10:19 Dawn of War
12:50 Dark Heresy
16:40 Mean Streets
16:55 Cosmic Encounter
17:33 Battlestar Galactica
20:42 Firefly
21:07 Family Guy
23:53 Aquabats
24:30 Topic Discussion Begins
27:00 Houses of the Blooded
41:24 Vampire the Requiem
58:56 Canada’s Seal Hunting Policy

Rob: Sockbaby
Matt: Jericho
Artemis: Chickapedia
Jacob: Burn Notice
Jason: Fantasy Flight Games & The Vandals

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