Cast : Rob, Mike, Artemis, and Elder
Topic :  When is it Real?
Sponsors : Meta-Games Unlimited
Music : All music used with permission of Ghoultown
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Intro: Mexican Moonshine – Outro: I Spit on your Grave
Transition: Hang Me High – Shout Outs: Killer in Texas
Plugs: Thunder Over El Paso
Bear Swarm is a member of Spooky Outhouse Productions.

04:45 : Spooky Outhouse Message Boards
05:05 : Vincent Baker
17:55 : Houses of the Blooded
52:00 : Captain Black’s Sea Dogges
52:30 : Dragon’s Landing
53:40 : GenCon
56:00 : Rob’s Twitter feed, Mike’s Twitter feed
59:25 : Knights of the Old Republic
1:00:45 : Fable
1:08:05 : Champions Online
1:08:15 : Fallen Earth
1:08:50 : Final Fantasy XI
1:10:40 : Section 8
1:10:55 : MechWarrior 5
1:11:25 : District 9
1:12:20 : GI Joe
1:13:20 : GI Joe: Resolute
1:13:50 : Smallville

Rob: Murder By Death
Mike: Black Summer
Artemis: Spooky Outhouse Showcase
Elder: Precoil

3 Responses to “Episode 67 – When is it Real?”


July 26th, 2009 - 9:01 pm

Itunes is fucked up, do you have a direct download link?


July 27th, 2009 - 12:50 am

Its not just itunes, seems like our Powerpress plugin decided to deactivate and erase our latest episode's enclosure. I've reset everything and re-synced the feed, so it should be showing up here and on any straight feed-reader now. iTunes might take awhile to pick it up though, those buggers are slow sometimes.


July 30th, 2009 - 8:49 am

For your Gen Con episode, you should do a show that features Meta-Games employees in your stead. Homero, Ryan, Jason, Allan, Jeff, and Walt along with the regular BS crew who are staying behind. The show would be SOLID GOLD, I promise you that.

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