Live at Visioncon 2010

January 31st, 2010 No Comments

What happens when Pirates, Elves, and Bruce the Bruce all get together? A lot of singing about sex, that’s what! Sex with men! Sex with women… both alive and dead. Sex with mermaids! Sex with moose? Yes, sex with moose! Oh, and there are sea shantys, drum circles, and even jokes. In Springfield, MO at Visioncon 2010 a jam session turned into an impromptu set captured on a single mic. Bear Swarm! is proud to present all 21 tracks available exclusively on our site! Sit back and enjoy.

Artist : Capt’n Black’s Sea Dogges
Artist : Elvendrums
Artist : Bruce the Bruce of Queen’s Gambit
Album : Live at Visioncon 2010
Total Tracks : 21
Total Length : 01:01:35
Year : 2010

Individual Tracks
01: The Sea
02: Freestyle
03: Tuning Up
04: Spell
05: Amateur Freestyle
06: Mingulay Boat Song
07: Faster Mingulay Boat Song
08: South Australia
09: She No Play Drums
10: Spell
11: Yo Ho
12: Moose
13: Mermaids
14: A Short Irish Lass
15: When Your Man Has Sailed Away
16: All For Me Grog
17: Not Heard
18: Between Boston and Saint John
19: Donkey Riding
20: Untitled
21: Drum Finale

Complete Set
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